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Inspired by "Police 10/7 and Motorway Patrol", Lieutenant Lou is New Zealand’s only Licensed Clown Officer, (even if she did make her own license using Photoshop).

Check out this hilarious Character as she tries to keep crowds entertained and safe at the same time.  ​Be it either on her Tiny Patrol Wagon (complete with an epic police stereo system that will have you up dancing to Police Beats), or an Official one wheel Police bike, leaving her hands free to stop traffic, juggle, and hand out tickets,

Lieutenant Lou will patrol the streets ticketing unlicensed drivers (toddlers in prams), chasing down speedsters, (grandmas on scooters), performing random breath tests (kids over the sugar limit), and scoffing doughnuts while dancing the day away on her manitory breaks.


When this Chaotic Cop is on the job, no one’s safe, in fact she might just give your Grandad a ticket for laughing.  Lieutenant Lou is possibly the coolest red nosed cop in town (even if she is the only one).


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