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Sport Suzie aka Louise Kerr has been entertaining audiences all over the world with this hilarious and wacky show.  Check out her sweet juggling routine all while squeezing her body through a tennis racket at the same time, and to top it off she'll perform the best cardio workout of all time (well that she can do anyway), by skipping on a 6 foot unicycle.
This is a high energy, action packed hilarious show the whole family can enjoy.


This is one workout session you don’t wanna miss! Get out your old retro adidas shorts, lycra tights, and sweat bands and join Suzie as she fills the streets/stage with her aerobics workout show.

After failing to become a real aerobics instructor and Inspired by the great Jane Fonda, Flashdance and Olympic Weightlifters.  Suzie decided to create her own brand of exercise.

Suzie’s' Show is full of crazy stunts, from dumbbells flying in the air, super unicycling, wicked juggling, to stunts on the smallest bike you've possibly ever seen.

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