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After first appearing at the World Buskers Festival 16 years ago, Punk is back and ready to hit the Town with her brand-new Show.  Punk aka Louise Kerr has been a local favourite entertaining at the festival as Sport Suzie. But now she takes on her old persona in a Show that combines, old favourites with new ideas.  
Busking just got a little darker and more chaotic with this Clown in Town.  Not all clowns are happy and joyful, after years of being a birthday party clown the only thing rosy about Punk is her nose. But behind Punks Angry persona there lies a Clown that just wants to make even the grumpiest grandad laugh.  So, join Punk as she takes you through a journey into her dark and unusual circus world. Expect some circus from unsual circus bikes, unexpected magic, shooting props to even a little drumming but most of all just expect a lot of chaos.  As Punk attempts circus tricks that she really should have practised first…. but let us face it a clown failing is far funnier anyway.  And she does all this without uttering a single word.
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