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Suzie loves food, especially Super Foods like bananas and broccoli.  They give her heaps of energy to juggle, jump, dance and even skip on her Super Unicycle, only today it seems someone’s eaten her Super Lunch, I bet it’s that pesky Raccoon, Rocky.

Suzie might need some help and a bit of magic to make her lunch appear, otherwise how is she going to have enough energy to finish the Show.  She still needs to juggle fruit and vegetables, perform super circus tricks and energy to skip on that crazy unicycle.


Suzie’s Super Food Show is a fun show full of positive messages about healthy eating and staying active.  The Show uses circus, comedy, magic, puppets and physical theatre to capture a child’s attention while delivering information and new knowledge in an exciting, empowering and fun way.


Suzie developed this show specifically for preschool aged children, from ages 3 to 6 years.


The Show focuses on:

  • Eat 5 plus a day: Because Fruit and Vegetables keep us healthy and strong

  • Food gives us energy

  • Water is the best choice

  • Staying active makes us feel great


The Show features: Magic, juggling, Circus Tricks, Puppets, Unicycling, Comedy and Silliness….

Children also get a free colouring in picture to take home too.


Duration: 30 minutes

For more information or to book a Show contact Louise:

Ph: 0273120700




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