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Sport Suzie is New Zealand's Crazy Aerobics, Sport and Circus fanatic. Inspired by the great Jane Fonda, Flashdance, and the music of the Eighties, Suzie aims to shake the laughter out of any audience.   Inspired by the Olympic Games Suzie decide to create this unique Show.  

The show is a fun way for children to learn about the Olympics.   Suzie also demonstrates her own events just like the Olympic Games. Including:  

  • Unicycle Weightlifting - Where Suzie lifts unicycles with her chin

  • The Circus Triathlon – This event may take the whole day,   as Suzie’s Olympic Bike appears to have shrunk.


Unicycling, juggling, physical comedy, circus tricks, Olympic quizzes, audience participation, prizes, plus there’s loads more crazy events and fun.  In fact there’s even hilarious opening and closing ceremonies, and to top it off Suzie will even perform her amazing Jump Rope Workout on a unicycle.


Some lucky children may take home one of Sport Suzie’s Super Prizes.

The show combines, comedy, circus and physical theatre into a fantastic show for all ages.

Duration: 40 minutes


Sport Suzie aka Louise Kerr has been entertaining audiences all over the world with her unique style of humour since graduating New Zealand's only circus school 'Circo Arts', in 2007.   Louise also holds a Bachelors Degree in Primary Teaching and Learning and a Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education.   She has performed throughout New Zealand, Europe and Asia, at such events as:

  • Christchurch World Buskers Festival

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival

  • Sentosa Buskers Festival – Singapore

  • Berlin Lacht Festival – Germany

  • Pflasterspektakel Festival Linz – Austria

  • Chatham Island Food and Music Festival

  • Heart Children Variety Tour - New Zealand

  • And many more events around New Zealand


The Show can be booked from the start of August to the End of September 2016, to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

(Dates outside of these are also available for bookings)

PRICE: $3.00 per child, with a minimum charge of $300 per show

BOOKINGS: To book a show or for more information contact Louise  

Louise has performed at many Schools throughout Canterbury and also works regularly as a Clown Doctor at Christchurch Hospital.


If your School would like to book a show I can perform up to 3 shows during the day at the same School, and split the shows into junior, middle and senior classes.  

The price is still the same $3.00 per child.

Your School is welcome to make it a family event and can invite parents, caregivers and younger siblings to the show too, they would be free of charge.

You are welcome to book the show during August to the end of September 2016,

to coincide with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

However the show is also available from July onwards, if your School would like to book

outside of these dates.


Ideally a Stage or flat even surface, 6 by 6 metres and with 5.5 metre height clearance.   However the show can be adapted to suit smaller venues, and can be performed outside on grass too.

Just let me know if your school has a smaller area and I'll adapt it accordingly.  I bring all my own gear, including a sound system and arrive between 40 to 60 minutes prior to the show to setup.



The Show runs between 40 and 45 minutes in length



I can invoice on the day, in case children are away or sick, however if your School prefers I can send an invoice prior to the booked date.



For Bookings or if you require any additional information, feel free to contact me.


if you are interested in finding out more about

“Sport Suzie’s Bonkers About Bananas - Nutrition Show”

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